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Credit Risk and portfolio solutions for banks

Products: Ambit Optimist | Ambit Portfolio Strategist | RMA Data Extract

SunGard Inmatrix offers a dynamic, interlocking suite of credit risk management solutions for banks seeking to increase their commercial loan businesses and enhance the profitability of their portfolios.

Ambit Optimist provides commercial bankers with vital financial analysis, business modeling capabilities and communication tools to build, manage and sustain a profitable commercial loan portfolio.

Ambit Portfolio Strategist is a dynamic, logical and intuitive solution that turns static client financial data into an active portfolio and credit management tool. Through stress testing, it allows banks to run concentration analysis and scenario modeling.

The power behind SunGard Inmatrix’s software solutions is their ability to help you develop strong relationships with your customers while simultaneously manage risk to your organization. Our products are designed to enhance financial communications between you and your customers and assist in positioning you as a trusted financial advisor. On the risk management side, our solutions enable you to diagnose customers who are showing signs of deterioration, closely monitor changes in their performance, and implement corrective action early on to save problem loans.

Much more comprehensive than an average projection and spreading tool, SunGard Inmatrix’s offerings will take your bank further than any other commercial banking solution. Better credit decisions, stronger client relationships, and increased profitability are just a few of the key results you will realize when you partner with SunGard Inmatrix.

The SunGard Inmatrix products fit within the broader SunGard Ambit Credit Risk Management solution suite.

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